Monday, November 14, 2011

Growing a Beard

Beards are interesting

It takes a pretty cool guy

to sport one.

Sometimes it seems

Everybody has one.
This was taken when George Jr. had the black hat club over for lunch.

Lots of famous dudes has them.

Mr. C

The Smith Brothers

Rabbi Silber

Even though his is a little scruffy

Brad seems to be able to pull his off nicely.

I gotta say I has lots of hats that are better than the one Brad chose.

Some people were made to wear a beard

and a bow tie

In my experience, Just sporting one

seems to give people happy feet.

However, I was never all that interested in

bearded ladies

Some of them is pretty

scary - Pretty Scary that is.

I has been thinking about sporting one myself

Mumzie said it is not my look, so I guess not.

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