Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hunting - 2011

I am Nantucka. I am a mighty hunter

I have equipped myself

That's my mighty Roomington Double Barrelled Pig Blaster 2000.

Lots of flashlights, too, cause it can get scarey dark in the woods.

I have practiced to the point where my skills are honed to a sharp perfection

Animals Fear Me.

So what prey should I take from the forest?

I think not. Birds of a feather and all.

Da says you gets serious prison time for even thinking about this

Lots of potential but Mumzie says
"no more gun shooting in the house"
and she makes up the rules that costs you waffles for breakfast
if you breaks them.

Oh I wish, but Mumzie still says no.

Yes, Yes, Yes!


Da says they are skittish
and very hard to even get a shot on,
but he never met a hunter as savy as me.

So I got everything together and struck out

Get out of the way Tree!

We is going after the elusive TurkeyBird today!
Finally I made it to the Hunting Field.

I sneaked up,

Silently Stalked

and got him

in my sights


Scared the BeeGeeZers out of everyone in the Grocery Store

and emptied the meat dept.

But I bagged him with one shot.

My trophy.

I is so proud.

I am Nantucka.

I am a mighty hunter.

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