Friday, November 25, 2011

Egg Fever


How about where you live?

No, not scrambled egg fever,
although if you had a little mayo and another slice of toast,
that would make a pretty good sammich
(leave the green stuff off of mine) 
but I is still so filled with turkey I'm about to pop.

Egg Fever?

Now you're right.
All the guys at our house, which includes me and old what's his name



Dang, his name is


DA! His name is Da

Me and Da can hardly wait for the contest to confirm that the Dawgs

Gets to keep the Egg

for another year

Its hard to make it inside our house and not know who we cheers for.

Mumzie wants everybody to know that if you aren't a Dawg fan,
you need to keep your opinion to yourself.


Anyhow, Tomorrow is Egg Bowl Day

The field is all ready I bet.

And a big crowd is expected

Mumzie and Da has been getting ready all day

Da can't decide what to wear tomorrow

Mumzie says she plans on wearing wet resistant.

I bet Da does, too.

I will keep the home front safe and watch the game on ESPNU.

Tweet me

Or drop by and see me. I'll be set up here

Tailgating before the game.

My stuffings is maroon

And my house is Dawg City.

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