Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bears and Fish

It is a well known fact that bears (like Griz here) like fish

Those who read the efforts of my literary genius know that I is an intergalacticly famous eater of fish myself. Although my taste preference leans more toward the variety of fish usually referred to as "stick".

FluffyKitty likes his fish canned

Mumzie and Da likes it different.

This (at least some of these) is called Sushi, which is Japanese, for Sushi. 

I has learned a lot about Sushi over the years.

It is made of rice:

and seaweed

And little fishes

Sorry - them is minnows, which is like FluffyKitty fish. Let me try again

Little Fishes

Oops - Wrong again - Although

Oops! Sorry I mus'ta mashed the wrong key.

Better - maybe good enough for you to get the idea.

Sushi comes in all different flavors

Dragon flavored, which is evidently a little dragon skin that is stuffed with sushi stuff

Flower Sushi, which is sushi made from little flowers. Ithink these are Petuneess.

Chinese Panda Bears. Da says that PolyBears is safe, but You can never trust a Japanese Chef with a knife, so I always carries my pig shooter whenever I think I may encounter a Sushi Chef. One move toward me with the knife and !!!BLAM!!!

There is lots of other kinds. Sometimes I think they just does them with whatever they has handy and if you ask, "What is that?" They make up a name and use it to shut you up. "That is Unduka Kaua, which means delightful delicacy of the sea. Take two. Very nice. You will like it."

I think my favorite is Rice Crispy and Gummy Fish Sushi

The recipe for this one differs a little you need

Rice Crispys

Swedish Fishes

Rolling stuff

My preference

Bon Appetite!

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