Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yes friends, I have uncovered a situation
that not only do you need to be aware of,
but you needs to be wary of!

What, you ask?

Some Pizza Parlors is putting less sausage on their  MeatZaPizzas!

No wait, it wasn't that.

Nuns is roaming the streets with guns

No wait, it wasn't that either

but that is kind'a scary.

Not as scary as blue boogers


Or fungus run amok

That's Uncle Juan with the mushroom
that tried to eat FluffyKitty last night!


We is having it for dinner tonight
sauteed in butter with thin sliced sirloin,
shallots, red wine and heavy cream.

Fear no more about that

I is talking about something really scary


At the moment

I can't remember what it is



Mumzie is calling

I'll get back to you after snack time.

Cookies and Chocolate Milk can't wait.

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