Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is it unethical to rent out your likeness?

I is stuck in an ethical dilemma concerning a business opportunity.

I know - Business and Ethics used in the same sentence

Is not logical 

As you guys know, football is pretty important in the good old USofA

Anymore, its like Mumzie,
Apple Pie

and Football

Some PolyBears would tell you Apple Pie should come first, and I have no problems with that. Hopefully you understand that I am as big a sports fan as the next Bear.

I was looking at teams the other night on the interwebs and decided evidently you can't have a team without a mascot.

This guy represents the Alabammer Pachyderms. His name is AL, which I am told is short for Roll Tide (How they got that from Al, I doesn't know).

Bully, Sr. and Bully, Jr. who represent the MSU Dawgs, from Starkvegas

This is Mike. He is front man for Louisiana FluffyKitties University (LFU)

So, all of us knows I is an internationally famous interwebs star (duh) and there are lots of peoples out there clamoring to use me for this or that. One of them was some guy in Massachettuchitts wanting to use my likeness for a new 

Fishless Fish Stick they is marketing. I said nope cause those things look horrible.

Then someone called wanting to sell my services to Amalgamated Consolidated Industries, Inc. I agreed to talk to them, cause I likes a good fried amalgumation as much as the next guy. When I went to their Corporate headquarters

I said no thanks - the smoke from that place burned my nose hairs.

Then I got a call from the president of a school in California wanting me to represent Petalooma Polytechnic Institute. They is a nice Interwebs online University.

Evidently they wants to have an Interwebs Football Team and wants to be the Petalooma Polytechnic PolyBears

They has no coach or players, but they already has written up a cheer
Gimme a P! ----- "P"
Gimme another P! ------"P"
Gimme Yet another P! -------"P"

Put'em all together and Whattaa ya Gotz?


Catchy, dont'ca think?

Sadly, Mumzie wasn't all that impressed either.

Oh Well, There's always NASCAR

I already has a driver's license

Cool, Huh?

Purchased it online, from They is nice peoples and happy to help in case you needs one too. Mention my name and that you heard about them here and they will give you the famous NASCAR PolyBear drivers discount.

Paid $12.98 for mine, charged to Mumzie's Visa Card. It was on special that week. I could have gotten one for $7.98, But I wanted the one with an official seal. They plastic laminated it for only an extra $87.45, plus $45.00 shipping for as soon as they gets around to it UPS door to door delivery. With all the discounts, you could probably  get yours for around $354.29, which includes my kickback.

Now I just needs a sponsor, a helmet, some snazzy racing duds and a fast car. Mumzie's is/was pretty fast, but I bumped into it with da's truck trying to get it out for a little driver practice this morning and dented it a little.

Wonder if they will notice

Anybody know the phone number for Hendricks MotorSports? I bet they would rather have a famous PolyBear driving one of their cars than that Jeff Gordon Guy.

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