Monday, November 21, 2011

!!!! FINALLY !!!!

Do you know what week this is?

Well, you are at least partially correct, because Mumzie is gonna whup us up a big old Turkey this Thursday and me and Da is Gonna eat until we pops a gasket.

but I is actually referring to a couple of days after we gives
Thanksgiving for the blessing of a turkey dinner day.

Here is a hint:

Figure it out?

The Cackle Berry Dish Festival?

Wrong, BumbleDumb

On Saturday, October 26, 2011, when a certain little PolyBear's tummy has finally (hopefully) stopped feeling like it's going to explode, comes that once a year day when the Starkpatch Bully Dogs gets a chance to whoop up on the Oxford Rebel Bears in that event we loves to watch.

Namely, the
Spiffy Graphic, Huh? Made it myself. Easy Peasey, like Mac and Cheesey.

Da has only one wish when the game comes to town,
and the best visual I can offer to show you how he feels
is represented by the following:

As near as I can figure out,
that gray haired thing in the red waistcoat and hat that Bully Doggus
is holding by the neckbone is a Black Bear.

I know, I is confuzzled, too, but Da assures me that the image is (and always will be) correct.

Bully Dawgers VS Black Bears is just another name for the football game we call the Egg Bowl, and the game is played this Saturday.

Evidently our Guys (Yea-Hurrah) are led by this Dog. I think his name is Bully.

The Black Bear guys (Boo-Hiss) is led by this Bear

Evidently he was in the military at one time, about a hundred and fifty years ago becasue they tells me his rank is Colonel and his name is Reb. I think that lady is a close friend. She may be an officer in his fan club, cause she seems to have his picture on her shirt. I am told that is an adult beverage in his cup.

Additionally, the game has stand in substitute leaders

That is Big Head Bully, behind Bully.

And this is Big Head Colonel Rebel Bear. I think those are his "Kissing Cousins".

Before every game, the fans eat lots of chicken strips and bbq pig burgers, except they calls it Tail Gating. Evidently, having a tent helps you eat more.

They uses tents at Oxford, too. Just colored different. Probably sold all the maroon ones before they went to buy theirs and they had to settle for them left over red and blue ones

By the time the game starts, they usually have filled up the stadium.

Some of the fans is nice peoples.

And some of them scares a little PolyBear. One of them guys looks like a zombie and I swear the dude in red with the brown coat HAS NO EYES!.

Of course, everyone cheers the football game.

The winners get a free shower

and a nice old trophy. They tell me it looks like an egg. The winners get to see who can hold it over their head the longest. The loosers leave the field mumbling, "Just you wait till next year after we has a good five star recruiting class."

The winner also gets what Da calls "Bragging Rights" for the next year.

He hopes we has them from this coming Saturday
all through this next year and I do, too.

Cause this little Bear is a bulldog who wants to run around the house
for the next twelve months singing, "Hoo Let Them Dawgs out? Woof! Woof!"

When Its all over, Coach Dan will just smile and say,


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