Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I think I can post about this now

I is freaked out

Why didn't someone e-mail me about last night so that I could lock myself in the hall closet?

Boogers I can handle

But you wouldn't believe what showed up at our front door one'st it got dark.

The weaker of you may not make it through these photo examples of the neighborhood horrors that roamed past our door last night.

Spiders and Bears

Black Caped Bat Headed boogers and Pink Veiled Boogers

Great big mobs of boogers too frightening to discuss

It was like one of them Zombie movies where they just keeps on coming and keeps on coming.

There must have been elevendy-seven thousand of them.

Wanna hear the most awfullest part of this terruble night?

Can you Take it?

Cause it is really bad.

We is talking terrible horrible

It has been over a day now and I is just beginnign to be able to say it, but here goes.

Da gave them all of ZeroBear's Candy Bars! He gave them all away!

They is

They is

All gone

All Gone

!!! ALL GONE !!!

I is serious

Wonder will Hershey's.com take Take Mumzie's Visa Card. I needs to check that out. I bet they do overnight delivery and California is probably still open. Hopefully they will do rapid ship and understand the instructions, "One case of everything you gotz. Two, if they has peanuts."

Gotta Scoot - Time is a wasting 

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