Friday, November 4, 2011

The Strangessness of Kitties

FluffyKitty can be one really wierd dude

He has been up in the tree in the back yard all day long


Maybe it had something to do with a single little firecracker that accidently went off somewhere in the area around where he was snoozing on top of the patio table.

And maybe it didn't. How's I to know? I is just a simpe PolyBear.

It's not like someone barfed up a big hairball on his den carpet and just walked away from it. It's not like someone sleeps on top of mumzie's car every night, not caring if they has muddy feet or not. 

This is a family blog and I will not mention the places he licks
even when there are people in the room.

Truthfully, I is concerned that he has fleas. 

Did you know that Cat spit dries and will come off and get all over a little PolyBear's feet when he is walking protection patrol in the dark of the night while his Mumzie and Da are blissfully asleep, not knowing when or if a certain cat is plotting to stick his (let's just call it the south end of a north bound cat) right in their sleeping faces.

I has also been told that some of his "friends" is connected to the criminal element.

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