Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Little Candle

There is much darkness in this world

Wherever we turn there are needs to be met, challenges to be overcome and darkness to be pushed back, lest the darkness win and overcome us.

As we move into another night of darkness, please consider this.

One candle,

shining in the darkness.

Such a small thing...

One candle

pushing away the night.

What if each of us lit one small candle?

You and I,

together - what if we both lit a candle together.

What if lots of us lit just one small candle?

What if we all lit just one small candle? Where would the darkness go?

In a world of darkness, what if everyone lit just one small candle?

What a wonderful world this would become!


A word of wisdom is indicated at this time.


When lighting your little candle...


Stay away from the curtains!

Peace to you!

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