Friday, March 16, 2012

More Lizard Critter Stuff

Have you ever thought that you couldn't get enough
of something? Yep, I have too. It is probably why I have
become the world's biggest authority on lots of subjects:

Oh yeh, and

Lizards. I know lots about lizards. I'm probably a Lizardologist
or something like that. Anyhow, I know lots about them
 Like this guy. His name is George and he is a
blue and yellow lizard.

This is the evil Dr. Panther. He is a blue and yellow lizard
too. If you remember my post about him,
he was trying to take over the world.

Until he was stopped by Spidey.
It's all in that other post.

Some Lizards are creepy

This is Igor. When he gets mad, everyone in the room
knows. You should hear his roar. He actually is a nice guy,
just a little high strung.

Lizards come in all sizes. This guy's name is Fred.

He lives on some island where it's OK to be really small.

Lastly - I have a good example of a big lizard for you.

This guy's name is Godzilla. He tried to eat Japan.

I think he had too much sushi for dinner
and got indigestion.

Lizards - Interesting Critters.
Invite one over for sushi tonight.

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