Saturday, March 10, 2012

Know What Tomorrow Is?


Well guess.

National Invite A PolyBear over
for Waffles Day?

Is it?

They tell me "No" but I may ask Mumzie
to whip up a big batch anyway. I haven't had
a good waffle in at least an hour.

Actually, on tomorrow

2012 Daylight savings time, that is.

I guess saving daylight is a big deal.
I'm not a very good saver. Usually I spend it
about as fast as I get it.

But this year, I think I'll try to save a little daylight
with everybody else.

In order to do this, difficult decisions must be made.

Peaches and Herb really like the tick tocking
of this one so I'd hate to do anything with it.
I guess saving it from daylight is out of the question.

The tick tocking of this old clock keeps the boogers in
the cabinet underneath occupied and an occupied
booger won't come after you.

Wow - it's really high up here. A PolyBear could fall
from up here and get hurt. Anyhow, I'm not sure
how I'd move this heavy old haunted clock
to save it from the daylight.

I could save this one from the daylight (I think),
but it allows me to check on how long it is until waffles
time while I'm waiting at the dining room table.

I might be able to save this guy from daylight.
Honestly, the Tick Tocking interferes with my
tunes when I'm dancing the night away,
but that's another post and I'm not sure
how I'd get it off the wall.

I like this one, so saving it from daylight is out 
of the question. I use it to time my fireworks experiments.
The candles come in handy to light the fuses.

Definite daylight saving possibilities here, except how would
I schedule my correspondence time with this one saved
from daylight and the daylight is best at this desk.

I haven't been upstairs for a while because it's
really dark up here at night and boogers are at
their most effective in the dark. This little banjo clock
is saved from consideration to be saved from the
daylight because it's too dark up here to come up
and save it. I think that makes sense.
At least to me it does.

I can't save this one from daylight. It's sick and
Da is doctoring on it. I guess it got a broken face
somehow and he seems to think he can repair it
with these clampy things, a few screws and some new
glass. He says when he's through it will be good for
another hundred years, so trying to save it from
an hour of daylight tonight seems foolish.

I could save some daylight time with this one, but it's high
up over the fireplace and a PolyBear could get burned
trying to save it from an hour of daylight.

This one could be saved from daylight but I value
every moment with Miss Scarlet in the rocker
(assuming she'll have me back someday - sigh)
and the clock makes those moments better.
Losing an hour here just to save some daylight
seems like a poor idea.

I got it! I'll save this one from daylight.
In it's present condition I can't read it anyhow.

Whew! Nobody told me saving time
from daylight could be so hard.

Remember Folks,
Spring Forward Tonight.

What do you mean you must spring all
of them forward so save daylight?

Do you have any idea how many springs that is?


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