Monday, March 26, 2012

I can feel his pain

Poor Guy

Breakfast time and no breakfast in sight. You patiently
wait, plate in hand,or in this case plate in mouth, because dogs
got no hands (duh). Anyhow, it grows later and later

(tick, tock, tick, tock) 

 and where the heck is Muzie with them waffles?
The least she could do is get her PolyBear a glass
of chocolate milk to tide him over don'cha think?


That's not a plate that puppydog has?

What the heck is a frizbee? Is that like an omlet dish?
Because I don't like omlets all that much.

Anyhow. I wish Mumzie would get cracking with my waffles
because we're burning daylight here and I have rats to kill.

Wait, I hear rattling noises coming from the kitchen.

Later, guys.

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