Sunday, March 18, 2012

When were cars invented?

When you look at the style and innovation of

cars today, its hard to think of ancient times and
the first car that mankind invented.

I don't trst car historians and honestly I don't believe
them. There is just no way that Henry Ford did it.

Let's look back and discover the truth.

Do you remember Thor of BC times?

He came close. That wheel was a big step forward
from walking but I don't think he was the guy.

Anyone remember the Flintstones?

Fred had a slick set of wheels

and Barney did ok.

Their good idea has been imitated with success
but I don't know.

Finally Success!

Look at what I found...

Stone age man really did invent the car.

This startling evidence was found in the woods
just down the road.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

I think this one was the first.

!!! The First Stone Age Car !!!

Coming Soon

Who invented the waffle

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