Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backyard Critters (AKA Woodland Creatures)

Do you have a lot of critters in your backyard?

Arbitration Editor's note
(as required by a sealed
settlement between
Adams, Bentwood and Billings
 and ZeroBear PolyBear
World Wide News
Services, LLP):

A "Critter" ar referenced by
Mr. ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.
is a woodland creature,
that would normally be considered
non-domesticated, or wild.
The derivation of the term "critter"
most notably goes back to the 1960's
Television situation comedy
"The Bevery Hillbillies" and the character
Ellie Mae Clampett. We are
uncertain exactly why Mr. ZeroBear
PolyBear chose to use this specific
term. Our opinion is that it was not 
intended to be deregoratory toward any 
specific class of people or natioanlity.)

Huh? Oh well,
Back to my post - We do - have lots of critters in
the back yard.

Some are nice

And some not nearly so nice

Lets take a look at Raccoons this morning.

Meet Rocky Raccoon.
Yeh, I guess.

Seems like they have the market cornered on
living in a hole in a log.

But how about when they move into your neighborhood?

Example #1

"Pssssstt. Hea Dude. Yeh You...
Ya Got any Fig Newton Bars?"

"You don't?"

"Well then give me that McDonald's sack,
unless you want to be my breakfast!"

Example #2

"Oh hi. We didn't know you were still up. Yeh, it is
kind'a late. We're here to help sort out your trash.
He, He, He..."

Example #3

"Move on. Nuttin going on here.
Nuttin to see."

"I said move on!"


Raccoons - our furry little woodland friends.
Now in a neighborhood close to you...

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