Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why do they Lie to us time after time?

This photo

uncovered today was reported
by the government to be a twister
moving across Mars.

Yeh - sure...

Another case of Lies, Lies, Lies!

Obviousy a Sand Worm on Arrakis.
Photographed from an Ornithopter flying overhead.

Why do they expect us to not see the truth
when its right in front of us?

Arrakis, Spacing Guild Navigators, The Noble Houses
Paul Atreidies, Spice, Worms

And here we see the proof. Why, just yesterday I saw a guy
with blue eyes (and strangly on roller skates). At the moment
I noticed him, he quickly looked away and then (poof)

he disappeared into a Sonic.

At that point I smelled the intoxicating fragrance
of Spice Dust. It smelled just like TaterTots.

They are among us.
They want our TaterTots.

TaterTots = Melange = Spice

And the government continues to Lie, Lie, Lie.

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