Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Saturday - Saturday - Saturday

And a beautiful spring day here

The azaleas and dogwoods are all dressed up.

down the street you can hear

Mr. Rolston cutting his grass. He has the best yard
on the street.

Did you know you can get a robot to cut your grass?

Da says our yard is too big for that thing

I have no idea what FluffyKitty would do if a robot
Lawn Whacker got after him.

Oh - I got off track - Back to Saturday.

The birds are all having breakfast at the local
all you can eat cafe.

The squirrels too. That's George, enjoying
the first meal of the day at Da's squirrel proof feeder.

And me?

What's on my mind on this beautiful Saturday morning?


Wonder when Mumzie is going to get up
and get my Breakfast?

Also I think there is a Shawshank Redemption Marithon
on TBS today. As an ex-con, I know how Andy Dufresne felt.

I too was framed...

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