Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Isn't He Sweet!

Have you ever seen a cuter little firebreather?

I found him and Da caught him in the back yard,
lounging in the sun on the compost pile
behind the pole barn yesterday.

Of course he

Grows up into this

and then tries to eat Japan.

So I guess there's a possible downside
 to keeping him as a pet.

I told Da he'd make a good charcoal lighter for
the BBQ pit during his juvenile years.

Anybody know what he eats?

I'm thinking a hotsauce based diet.

I have him hid in the sock drawer right now.
Mumzie wouldn't be all that pleased if she found
him inside the house - her no-fire rules and all.
I know he's still in there because occassionally a little
whiff of smoke comes out the crack I left in the drawer
so that he won't smother.

Anybody got a good name for a fire breathing dragon?

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