Friday, March 2, 2012

Shocking Revelations

ZeroBear PolyBear News Services Intergalactic, LLP
has once again brought you the news that all other
news services were too whimpy to deliver.

Last night, while finishing the research on my latest book

"Mumzie's Waffles The Wonderful Story"
on sale at a book store near you for the 2012
Christmas Sales Season, beginning July 6, 2012.

I came across startling evidence of horrid genetic research
a shady world government which I can't name, because
the French are really likely to file a lawsuit in the world court
these days, is undertaking.

Should you know about this?



The following photos may contain visual documentation
so dramatic and realistic that some womens, childrens
and a handfull of girley men will find offensive, scary
and therefore, ipso, exeo, Heraldero Geraldo, Mumbo Jumbo
exfacto, Giganto Pacto, these peoples should go watch the
latest SpongeBob marithon, brought to you by
Bubba's Cola Corporation
and their fine line of soft drinks, available at 
most curb markets, Self Serv Machines
and Soda Fountains near you.

"Bubba's Bubba's drink the best
cause other drinks don't
pass the (burp) test."

Back to the report

I was shocked, I was Startled, I was grossed out. I was bearly
able to sleep last night ("Bearly" - Get it?).

I just crack myself up at times...


You need to see this!

Some of this is gross!

Gross is a medical term so I can use it on the InterWebs.

That that InterWebs Censors!

Be prepaired to be shocked!

Yes! A Penguin Dog!

and A Penguin FluffyKitty

You must understand
I have no choice but to show the next photo.

It's my duty as an InterWebs  journalist

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I know - Now you do too.


!!! It May Be Too Late !!!

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