Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NCAA Bracket Excitement

It's that time again!

Fish Sticks and TaterTots Time?

No, although I could use a couple or ten Fish Sticks
for dinner tonight and a big order of TaterTots.
A root beer would be nice, too.

(Hint Hint - Mumzie).

Actually, it's

March Madness Time

Honestly, all Da wants to talk about is


I'm tired of it already and the SEC Tournament
hasn't even started. They must finish the SEC before
the NCAA can start, so I have no idea when
it will all be over. Shirley before April Fools Day.

I know... 

At least Da is willing to buy
Mamma Meatza Pizza on game nights.
And he keeps lots of Root Beer in the, fridge
so I may be bored, but at least I will be well fed.

Moving on so I can finish this before dinner,
in case Mumzie makes Fish Sticks - I like being
first at the table on the nights we have fish sticks.


He (Da) is all excited about the Bracketology
stuff right now. I have no idea what Bracketology
is but talking about it makes Da Happy, so

Bracketology, Bracketology, Bracketology

(try saying that with Fish Sticks on the mind)


Did you hear what happened?

You didn't?


Do you know

Conan O'Brian?

Na - I don't either.

As I understand he has a late night show that is
opposite the Swamp Possom Trappers Show on
Discovery Channel each night. Well, I don't miss
Possom Trappers, so I've never seen it,
but I understand there are people who
watch it all the time.

(Probably anti-possum trapping folks)

The other night, Conan did his bracket for the NCAA

How? Be Patient.

Well, he sprayed his bracket board with sticky glue
and threw the team names up in the air and where they
landed was where he says they will wind up at the end
of the tourney.

Here he is with the board (Exhibit 1)

Know where the good old

MSU BullDogs landed?

You don't care?

Well Da Does.

Look close - Final Game Right there in the center!

Da is beside himself - Whatever that means.

 I think it was TV Voodoo or something, but
as long as we have Meatza Pizza I'm OK.

Bracketology Bracketology Bracketology

Meatza Pizza & Root Beer

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