Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Nice Spring Day Here

And it's about time.

The sun is out.

The bulb flowers are in bloom
Mumzie says they are daffodils. I just
call them "those pretty yellow flowers".

The dogwoods have come out -
that happened over a three day period.

The azalias are doing their stuff all over the place

and the bees have returned from Florida or wherever
they go in the winter. (Buzza Buzza Buzza).

Oh yeh

And the Chickadees have started quoting Shakesphere
from the trees around the bird feeder.

"Is this a Kibble I see before me,
The tasty part toward my beak?
Come, let me clutch thee...
to nom, perhaps to enjoy, thou
vision to my mind..."

Yep, spring is here. 

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