Friday, March 9, 2012

Do you like to go out for a ride?

Yeh, I do too.

I think everybody likes to get out of the house
every so often.

and it hurts when everybody else is going and you
get left home alone.

Mumzie and Da let me go on trips with them all the time.

My goal is always to be the driver. But its difficult to
reach the go pedal.

And the dash on Da's truck is hard to see over
from the driver's seat.

Most of the time I have to sneak away with his keys
and get driving practice while Da
is busy doing other stuff.

I think learning to drive is working out ok.

Sometimes I cut the corners a little short but that is not
too unusual when you're still learning.

I think I have parking down pretty good now.

I know for a fact that

I'm doing a lot better now than my first attempts.

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