Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I predict this will be the next up and coming
sport to hit the scene. It will become so popular
that eventually they will add it to the Olympics
where it will be dominated by the Aussie team for years.

An Olympic sport called




(that other know it all blog site)
defines chumming as:

"the practice of luring animals, usually fish or sharks,
by throwing "chum" into the water."

Chumlee? In the water?
You're going to try to throw
Chumlee into the ocean?
Where he might get eaten by a shark?

We're going to throw Chumlee into the water
to get eaten by a shark?

No Chimpster. Lets go back and quote some more
from the Wiki-Knows-It-All Blogsite:

"Chum often consists of fish parts and blood,
which attract fish, particularly sharks
due to their keen sense of smell."

Well, That's Gross!

You bet it is!
But it works!

And just try telling me
that this chumming exercise
shown below

 isn't about to get exciting
in about one second...

an exciting sport
for the entire family!

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