Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you visitor # 15,000 ?

If you are it is your lucky lucky lucky day!

(check counter over there >>>
and down a little to see if it is you)

I swoon in envy at your good fortune.

If you are #15,000 you have absolutely won one
of the following prizes (to be selected for you by
March 2012 ZeroBear PolyBear Give Away Scam, LLC)

You have won either

A swell speed boat for your off shore pirate adventures

or maybe

An all expenses charged to your credit card trip to
Hawaii or New Jersey,

or maybe

3.8 million dollars in Gold Bullion

or possibly

Most of half of a tasty Raspberry Zinger!

Here is how you claim your gift:

Send a scream print of the page, showing you as
visitor number 15,000 to the blogsite. The print must
clearly show you screaming to be considered valid.

Accompany the print with a certified cashiers check
for $87,235,416.29 to cover shipping and handling
Made out to ZeroBear PolyBear March 2012 Interwebs
scam, LLC. Send it Care Of Doug the Bartender, Cactis Jack's
Bar, CaveMan Island, Bahamas.

You know what? Forget the print. Just send the money. 

Notice - we reserve the right to substitute this swell stick

or a stick of similar construction in the likely event that I
eat the rest of my zinger snack before someone
responds to the March, 2012 give away scam offer,
because anything could happen.

Quite frankly I am amazed at your good fortune!
How can you be so fortunate?
Why can't I be as lucky as you?

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