Friday, March 23, 2012

Alternate Transportation

Da refuses to buy me some wheels!
It's not like I asked for much. 

After carfeul consideration and the advice of a GranTour
Racer who reads the blog daily, I decided on this simple
red ride.

Da caught me ordering it with his credit card

late last night. He pulled the plug on My Machine and
said no way. I think he is being unreasonable.

He gave me some alternate options.

1 - I can have a Bike and get a job until I have enough to
buy my own car.

This immediately came to mind. How's a world famous
PolyBear going to lower himself to honest (sic) labor?
Just not fair.

2 - Then he said I could go this route

There is no way I'm going to stare at the east end of a
west bound horse all day long.

3 - Then he said if his those were not to my preference

I could employ the extended thumb method,



Do you know what TP&W means?

I almost can't say it, it is so bad!

Oh well, you shoudl know what a Bad, BAd, BAD
person Da can be.

TP&W means

"Take Pains & Walk"

Anyone need a nice PolyBear house guest?

If you do, please send a photo of your wheels,
your flashlight collection and proof of insurance
coverage for PolyBear house guests.

It would help if you had a good waffle iron, too.

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