Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm thinking about picking up some wheels to go with
the swell driver's license I got on the interwebs a year
or two back.

The website said this baby will allow you to drive anything,
so I plan on getting me some swell wheels.

Maybe I'll let you guys help me decide what to buy.

I kin'da like these wheels. Nice and flashy. The babes
would love this car.

This one looks like it would zip. Mumzie likes to go fast
and I bet I could go fast in this one.

Maybe this one is a little too far out. To me it looks like
it is about three wheels short of enough.

I guess I could go with a used car.
Experts say they are a good value, but
this one just doesn't say ZeroBear, does it?
I didn't think so either.

This one has has potential.

But you know if I was more handy with tools

This guy sells plans to build
this swell do-it-yourself kit car.

What'a think? Keep looking?

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