Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Know What?

Da and I were watching one of those

monster big truck events on TV a while back.

Driving big trucks all over stuff - what a sport!

I think I'd be really good at that

based on my past experience driving trucks.


I'm thinking about starting my own big wheel
monster truck racing team.

I just need a set of wheels.

I particularly like that Grave Digger guy's rig. I
understand he has been very successful driving it.

I figure a big part of his success is that nifty rig
he drives, so I plan on going the same route.

I think I have located a truck just like he drives.

I found it in the nickel trader sales paper,
which for some strange reason sells for $2.50.

The ad said it was a "Fixer-Upper with potential".

I guess the ad is correct.

The first thing I gotta do is find a good chain saw,
or a crew of termites who need a job.

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