Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dang Visitor Counter GizMo!

It has been on the fritz all week and now
I've missed the 18,000th visitor contest.

What a shame.

Because we had some swell prizes to give away.

I tell you what. Since we had no contest, 
for this week only - no wait - better than that.
For a limited time, Send $4,328,927.44 in cash.
(20s without consecutive serial numbers preferred)
to cover shiping and handling to
ZeroBear's Scam Contest.
And I'll rush you your very own stick,
carefully selected for you by FluffKitty
or one of my interns from Da's yard cleanup pile.

(size and type of stick may vary).

What a deal!

How fortuate my blog readers are!

To make it easier
(because that's the kind of PolyBear I am)
Let's just round that shippingand handling charge
down to $4,328,920.00.

Such a deal! Even I am amazed!

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