Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Because we care!
That's just the kind of PolyBear we are.

and I'm not sure why we are referring to ourselves
in the plural becasue - rest assurred, there is only
one of us. A fact that brings Da great comfort
when the lawyer bills come rolling in.

I had no idea that bomb was loaded - honestly.

Iguess I got off track.
Back to the public service announcement.

When  a Poly Bear comes for
a visit it's ok to let him in

Order up some Pizza You might want to get two
so there will be some left over for you.

Turn on a rocking NASCAR race.

Have some fun!


He probably is looking for more to eat than
Pizza and cookies.

And It is a well known fact that most Polar Bears
don't care for late model stock car races, nearly as much
as eating seals, penguins, peoples.

IMO I wouldn't open the door for a polar bear,
or in the example shown here  - the window.

ZeroBear PolyBear, esq - serving humanity 24/7
(or until a more profitable scam comes along)

Does anyone know if those
Fund Raising Pledge-A-Thon things work?

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