Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do you collect things?

Lots of people collect stuff



Even Da collects

Here is a small part of his extensive mulch collection.
He keeps it displayed all over the yard.

I may start collecting, too, I figure I could keep
my collection in the corner of the den

behind Da's chair, but I need some ideas.

Shiny stuff is always nice to collect.
But working this up to a suitable size for a
collection might get pricey.

I thought about collecting string

but Mumzie got upset and yelled at me when I
borrowed some of her knitting yarn to get started.
She has lots, I can't figure out why my unraveling
a few sweaters and a blanket or two would upset her.

Here's an interesting


I found a guy willing to help me get started with a
nifty collection. He has a big collection that he wants
to downsize and said I could have all I wanted
if I would pick them up.

His collection is nice and I may
take the whole thing off his hands.


The problem is his collection is in California
and I need to get it here.

Anybody got a truck I could borrow?

Do you think these will fit in the corner
of the den behind Da's chair? 

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