Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's Today?



There's still one more day before.

Every PolyBear for himself day.

I feel that I should ask a few questions,
because that's the kind of PolyBear I am.

1 - Have you stored up enough emergency
rations to get you through the day?


I'd go with shelf stable non-perishables

2 - You'll need plenty of liquids. Thought about that yet?

or better still

I recommend canned beverages -at least a six pack for
each PoyBear in hiding.

3 - No sense not being fully prepaired. Agreed?

You can bring along some perishables
as long as you quickly consume them.

Anyone with any sense at all will hide until it is over

4 - So, have you identified a place to ride out the storm?

I'd select the best hiding place I could fnd, if I were you.

Good Luck.

You'll need it.

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