Thursday, April 19, 2012

We have a winner

I wanted to share the winner of the 19,000th
visitor to the blog contest with all of you losers.

And rest assured, there is a reason you are a loser.
If you don't know why you are a loser, drop an
e-mail to "Ask Dr. ZeroBear"
and we'll share my analysis of your problems
with the World Wide Interweb.


Our latest winner is Sigfreed Heljerston of
Stavanger, Norway.

Sigfreed  quickly claimed his prize this afternoon
and thanks to the efficiency of the Norwegian banking
system, who quickly transferred the $86,927,432.27 Gilders
to my offshore account and Barnstorming Charley's
worldwide delivery services we were assured quick
delivery of Sigfreed's prize, which was personally
selected for him by one
ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.

Here is Sigfreed taking his prize home from the
freight terminal.

Don't you wish you were as lucky as Sigfreed!

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