Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Happened?

I was all set yesterday to introduce the 16,000th
visitor to the website scam contest.

It was going to be a really good contest. For the
benefit of visitor number 16,000 we had lined up one of
the following prizes, personally selected for you by
your's truly, namely ZeroBear PolyBear, esq.

You might have won:

1 - An all expenses paid by your credit card flight

on the next scheduled Virgin Airlines flight to Mercury!

Yes, you could be one of the first and possibly the only
person to ever visit this tropical paradise, with a black
body temperature of a balmy 440.1 degrees K and
no rainy days to worry with. The trip was to come
complete with a three day supply of SPF 97,000
sunscreen and four Sonic Tater Tots

left over from a visit Da and I made last week and
found (by Da) yesterday under the front seat of his truck
where I had stashed them because they fell out
of the tray and rolled under there. I think one of the tots
still has some ketchup on it - or something redish brown.

or you could have won

2. This swell boat. It may be a ship. I can't remember.

It's pretty big.

or perhaps you'd have won

3. Your very own Helicopter

And I had agreed to pilot it on our first flight ever.

or wow look at this!

4. Half (at least) of a popsickle

selected for you by one ZeroBear PolyBear after
personally eating some of it to make sure it wasn't poisoned.
The plans were to mail it to you by the US Postal Service
- Go Mail Delivery Guys and Gals!


I can't believe that visitor number 16,000 slipped
in and out without so much as a "howdy doody".

I see all of this as your fault!

Oh well, better luck with 17,000. My understanding is that we
have some swell prizes lined up for that number.

I'm thinking we may give away the coveted plastic bag of
kitty night soil, donated by FluffyKitty, from his
personal stash in the laundry room.

All typical ZeroBear small print and boiler plate
requirements (Bla Bla,BLa) still apply
(see last month's contest if you are that nosey or intend
to get some snooty lawyer firm involved in my scam

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