Monday, April 2, 2012

More Culture Stuff

One of our Readers, who wishes to remain
anominimus anommonimum anonomouse
unnamed has submitted the following
photo from the golden days of culture.

Yes friends, this morning we journey back
to the days when really swell guys and gals
would journey down to the local rollerskating
emporium on Saturday night

to enjoy an evening

of cultured fun on wheels.

And to honor those days, our reader (Thanks YoBert)
has sent in a photo of the famous

rollercapade theatrical presentation,

"Little Red Rollerskater"

Yes friends, that's Chip "Wolfman Jim" Hesterman
and JoAnn "Sweetie Pie" Jemeson, the rollerskating
sensations of the 1950s "Theatre On Wheels" touring troop
out of Jamestown, NJ.

In this climatic scene of the rollerplay production,
Red uses a roller skate roundhouse side kick to
the wolf's headbone that renders him, if not senseless
then at the least unable to eat more than a
grilled cheese and tatertot blended
milkshake for the next three weeks.

Teach him to hit on her.

As I gaze in wonder I ask the question, "Where would we be
culture wise today, had JoAnn and Chip not decided to redirect
their cultural talents into sports

and join the NewEngland RollerDerby League.

This cultural moment brought to you by
ZeroBear PolyBear Cultural Moments, LLC
and Big Bob's Wheel World RollerSkating Rink of
Hobbestown, PA.

Oh Jeepers, I just realized that's a polar bear on
roller skates kicking that wolf.

I need to think some more about this.

Still a shame about JoAnn and Chip.

I'll have more later, I hear Mumzie, 
putting my waffles on the breakfast table.

Gotta run.

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