Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who's at The door?

I can understand why people get upset
when someone interrupts them at
the door.

Don't you hate it when that salesman
somehow manages to get you to open the
door and then won't take no for an answer.

Then there are those nice guys in shirts and ties
who want to tell you all about Mormanism and
can't or refuse to understand you are already
spoken for.

I guess they deserve it, but there is no way anyone
was ever happy to see the Police at the front door
acting like this.


Fluffy kitty deserves to get back inside when he
goes out and I don't know why opening the door
for him should be a problem even when he wants
back inside three or four times a day and even when
has that strange set of glow in the dark eyes
following him around.


I guess it does pay to make certain

it's actually fluffy kitty out there meowing
to get inside.

Also, I'm still not sure what those eyes behind
FluffyKitty were.

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