Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top Ten? No? Dandy Dozen?

What are you looking for in your Easter Basket?
There are lots of options and everyone has a favorite,
 so here they come in no particular order.

What are you favorites?

You can vote if you like but all guns and
knives must be checked at the door.

1 - Easter candy bars - much good inside that wrapper.

2 - Cream filled chocolate egg with yolk and everything.

3 - Easter cookies - Mumzie makes great rabbit
flavored ones, or maybe they're almond - I forget.

4 - Gummy Rabbits - last forever because
they get stuck in my teeth

5 - Peeps - Aren't they cute!

6 - Malted milk eggs - if they look like this
that is what they are.

7 - Chocolate Rabbits - I eat them ears first and feel
cheated when they are hollow.

8 - Fancy eggs - always hope there is at least
one in my basket. This one is Razzelberry jelly filled.

9 - The old standby - Jelly Beans - It's not an
Easter Basket if these aren't there.

10 - P-Nut Butter Cups - yummy.

11 - Marshmallow Rabbits coated in chocolate

12 - Suckers - good stuff on a stick.

Did I leave anything out?

Must have - Oh well....

Oh yeh I forgot.

Easter Fish Sticks - My Personal Favorite!

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