Monday, April 9, 2012

17,000th Visitor to the Blog Page Contest

Yep, its that time again.

I know it seems like only 1,000 visitors ago we were
having a celebratory give away for sucker visitor #16,000,
but that's just the way we are here at ZeroBear PolyBear
Blogsite, LLC.

Here's the deal.

We're going tgo open up the contest a little to try to scam
offer winnings to more visitors. Here are the new rules:

1 - If you think you were close to being an actual winner,
send $87,414,287.49 (shipping and handling charges)
in Gold coinage to 

ZeroBear PolyBear 17,000th Visitor Scam Contest
Care Of Joe the Bartender. Slick Sam's Supperclub
and Dog Grooming Emporium. Shark Attack Cove
Caveman Island, British Virgin Islands. Or
better yet, forget that first option and e-mail your
paypal account number with certified prepaid credit
in the amount indicated above to

2 - After we confirm the validity of your gold transfer, 
or syphon the credit off your paypal card, we will
personally select one of the following gifts for you.

Gift Possibility #1

This swell speed boat, or a boat of some type.
This one really zips. In the highly unlikely
possibility that we select this prize for you, you'll be
the hit of your social crowd. 

Gift Possibility #2

Dinner With (George) Elvi!
Details not yet worked out, due
to Mr.Elvi's hectic bowling alley
opening appearance schedule.
(note, this may not be an
actual photo of Mr. Elvi.)

Gift Possibility #3

An all expenses charged to your credit card trip for two
to Tulsa, Oklahoma where you can enjoy a tasty
Hot dog and tater tots meal at Sonic!
(assuming you have the cash money to
cover the meal and a 20% gratuity)

Gift Possibility #4

A (secretary) autographed photo of ZeroBear and Freinds
that might be suitable for framing. Yes, You'll enjoy showing
this photo to all of your friends who will all say "I recognize
them sock monkeys and that cat, but who the heck
is ZeroBear?"

Gift Possibility #5

At least four Jelly Beans found on the floor under
ZeroBear's Easter Basket Yesterday.
One of them seems to have been
stepped on by Da, but it's mostly clean.

Gift Possibility #6

This lovely collectable stick, or a stick
of similar size and construction.


Your prize will be shipped postage collect by the
carrier of your choice from among the following:

- US Postal Service Mail.


I wish I was as lucky as you most fortunate winners
in our latest Scam contest!

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