Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Really Safe - Safe Room?

Do you have one?



What will you do when the Zombies attack?

Will you hide behind your moat?

First of all you probably don't have one
and if you did, they will wait until you drop
the drawbridge

And then come streaming across your entrance ramp.

and at that point

you are dead meat.

So you think you can hide?

I have several good hiding places, but I understand that
once it gets dark they will come to your house

and find you regardless of where you hide

After careful consideration I have
decided that what you need is a

Safe Room

I have been working on my idea

Don't tell the Zombies, but it involves Da's Safe Box
and a basket full of Tater Tots.

What do you think?

Zombie proof?

I wonder how long I can hold my breath
once I pull the door closed

1 Mississippi
2 Mississippi
3 Mississippi
Hopefully long enough for them to lose interest and go eat

Mr Billingsworth
(our State Farm guy)

I bet I need to stockpile some RootBeer

Mumzie - I needs 50 cases of rootbeer.

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