Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Legal Problem...

What's a poor little worldwide famous PolyBear to do?

Da and I spent all day yesterday

giving depositions at the law offices of

Zukownski, Wojohowitz, Kowakzyck & Smith, LLP

who it seems have decided to file what I consider a 
frivolous civil action (lawsuit) against
ZeroBear PolyBear,esq

ZWK&S, LLP represent snooty claimants from
the American Society for the
Prevention of the Misrepresentation of Ducks as Chickens


It seems that a chicken photo I used earlier this week

was actually a duck


So we spent the first hour or so
answering the questions?

1 - Did it Walk like a Duck?
2 - Did it Talk like a Duck?  
3 - Did it Act like a Duck?   

and me answering each question with a sincere
"Didn't you guys have a pastry tray brought in?"

cause what good is a nasty legal grilling without
a tasty assortment of sticky buns?
Chocolate milk would have been nice also but
they had no chocolate milk either.

From the very first I knew it was going to be a bad day

I think we reached a final resolution sometime after a lunch that
Da and I had to go purchase on our own because they neglected 
to have anything brought in.

Thanks for the Tater Tots and Corn Dog at Sonic, DA

You Duh best Da ever! 


Anyhoo - Here come Duh Lawsuit
Settlement Mumbo Jumbo Statement
We finally agreed to have me make.

In full resolution of all claims brought forth by  ASPMDC
as represented by ZWK&S, LLP
(your one stop service when you want to sue somebody)

ZeroBear PolyBear, esq sincerely (sic) makes the following statements.

Ducks is Ducks.
They is not chckens and never has been chickens.

Chickens is Chickens


Ducks is Ducks



That completes my legal settlement responsibility.

to these

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