Sunday, January 29, 2012

My world record attempt

I'm sure some of you already knew this,
but famed beer maker Guinness

publishes and maintains the official record
of world record holders. As I researched the
Guinness records I found all sorts of interesting stuff.

Here is the

World's biggest and smallest horses
(can you guess which is which?)
I picked them out right away
because I'm a pretty smart PolyBear!

Here is the world's biggest pizza.

biggest apple

and biggest liar.

I am working on making the world's

Biggest aluminum foil ball

I managed to get mine up to about eight inches
diameter before we ran out of aluminum foil.

My problem is Mumzie, who refuses to buy foil more than a roll
at a time from our Piggley Wiggley store. And she gets
suspicious at the smallest little things, like what happened to
the roll of foil she bought last week.

Anybody want to ship me a roll? As near as I can figure
I need about 6,874 more rolls to get my foil ball up to
Guinness Record size.

Anyone know if Alcoa Reynolds would sponsor me? I bet they
have lots of rolls laying around their factory that they aren't
selling to Piggley Wiggley.

Breaking News

This is Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas
She is the current Guinness Record holder
for Tater Tot Eating. As I understand, Sonya established
her record by eating 250 Tater Tots in 5 minutes.

I plan on taking her down. In fact, let me go ahead
and let the world and Sonya know,
"You is mine, Sonya!"

Anybody know how many Tater Tots is 250?
Is that more than an extra large Sonic order? Because
I can eat almost a whole order all by myself.

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