Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Public Service Message

Everybody in the public service bidness
is required by the government to periodically publish
a public service message and apparently I am behind.

The letter came yesterday. I had no idea that
ZeroBear PolyBear Blog Services International, LLC
(one of several straw corporations I operate as a tax dodge)
fell under the authority of some guy who runs an Internet cafe
in Nigeria, but he claims I owe him $47,398,423.85
in fines for not posting enough public service announcements
on ZeroBear Blog.

I sent him Mumzie's paypal account and pen numbers
and a photocopy of Da's bank account statement and he
agreed to square everything up.

I need to stay out of trouble though, so in order to stay on the
good side of various governmental regulations i had no idea
even existed, I offer the following public service announcement.

Its cold out there. Be careful!

Standard FCC and ASPCPB boilerplate follows:

"No POlar Bears were harmed in the shooting of this public
service announcement, which shows obvious signs of being

Standard US trademerk boilerplate follows:

"Photoshop is probably a trademerked term which
may well be the intellectual property of  Adobe Corporation."

Did I leave anybody out?


Governmental and Legal Regulations?


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