Friday, January 13, 2012

!!!! OH NOZE !!!!

Yes it is!


We tried. I wrote my Congressman
seeking his help in stopping it.
I was hopeful,
but he was no help at all
and so it went ahead and happened!

As if we didn't know it would
if nobody did anything to stop it!

It started last night at exactly 12:00:01 am

The dreaded Friday the 13th

Here is where hopefully I will be spending the day.

Come and find me if you can, Friday the 13th. I am
hopeful you will fail if you try and of course you will.

!!!!!!!  Because you is           
FRIDAY THE 13th !!!!!!!

All I can say to the rest of you is good luck.
Hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow, when hopefully
it will be a hopefully luckier Saturday the 14th.

I am hopeful Mumzie has Waffles
and hopefully chocolate milk
ready, because hopefully I will still be around
and hopefully will need rejuvenating



  1. I just happened to pop in & saw you've been posting for a while. When did you bust out of prison? I now have to catch up on your blogs. Very happy to see you writing!

  2. What with Prison and all, followe dby work release and my parol officer (who is a REDACTED COMMENT) it was hard to get back into the swing of things, but Yes you are right - the world is definately a better place with me blogging to it.