Monday, January 2, 2012

!!! Look At What I Got !!!

As a part of my birthday presents
Mumzie and old what's his name got me the one thing
I've been wanting all year long.

Toaster Waffles? 

Well that would have been a good thing,
but we had real Mumzie made
waffle iron cooked waffles yesterday.

I ate all of mine and part of Mumzie's and
I'm still full as a deer tick on a bird dog's ear.
 No, They ordered me something special.
It came in the other day's FedUPSeX delivery.

They got me my very own Rechargable,
Plastic Bodied, Elebendyseben Thousand Watt,
Yellow Stanley Logo labeled, Halogen Powered,
Mega Darkness Blaster.

Yep, the one with the lock on switch and wrist strap options.

Impressive an't it!

You probably know that a certain little PolyBear
can sometimes get a little scared in the dark,

cause you never know what kind of
Boogers may step out

of the darkness and get you.

Last week, Da

!!!! THAT"S HIS NAME !!!!

Now I remember!
His name is Da!

Anyhow, last week, Da
had a cold that settled
in his nose

and you would't believe the boogers
we had running around our house for five or six days.

Mumzie sprayed Lysol all over everything, 
including a certain little PolyBear.
That stuff burned my ears.

But now that I has this bad boy handy,

I can knock any Darkness loving, mass murdering
 PolyBear Eating Zombie boogers

all the way back into next week.

and any pointy eared booger statue demons that may be hiding
in the hallway cabinet

I see both of you waiting in there for it to get dark so that
you can sneak out and take a bite out of a little PolyBear
Anyhow all of the boogers, demons, zombies and such
better watch it, cause all of you will get it now that I have it.

I'm not absolutely certain but the book I ordered -
let me take a minute to do some research

Yep just as I thought

The book says Both Zombies
and Boogers
and Demons
and many other scary things is afraid 
of the Stanley Mega Darkness Blaster Deluxe Model

Especially Mega Blaster units that are as powerful as mine.

this thing is awesome

Just look at it on high power.

Of course, Da showed his hiney
last night and said things a little PolyBear
can't repeat when I assidently shined
it in his eyes for just a minute or two.

How was I to know he was asleep?

He could be in bed, with the lights out
and his eyes closed, snoring away
and not be asleep.

It could happen.

it could

Sorry about singeing off your eyebrows Da.
I had no idea it would get that hot.

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