Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chickens - Whoo'da known?

Some of my best friends are chicken

That's not right.
They are Chickens - yes that's right.
Not Chicken,

Chickens aren't bad people, in fact they start off pretty nice.
This is Clucky and her kids peeper, cheeper, and cackle berry.

Moving right on

Sometimes they can be quite colorful
especially when they are young,


often they are quite interesting little guys

Like Fred and Ginger, here.

Then they grow up

My friend George grew up to be a dancer
He currently is performing in Vegas in
The Happy Feet Show,
because he has Happy Feet.

Unfortunately, even though his feet are happy
he is not so happy with how his career worked out.

He always thought he'd wind up in RiverDance.

The whole growing up thing doesn't always work out
very well for lots of my chicken friends.

Take Sally here

She sends a fortune on her clothes.
Always dropping by Sacks 5th Avenue or
the Gap just to find something new for the weekend.

I can't bear to tell her
(Bear? get it? Me? Using the word BEAR?)
I just knock myself out sometimes!



I can't Bear to tell her that she sometimes makes
poor choices in outfits. For her, feathers is usually a better look.

In fact, feathers is almost always a better look if you are a chicken.

For example, consider Albert and William

Uh, I'll just share them with minimum comment

Weird Albert

and his brother Even Weirder William


I am totally unable to figure out my last chicken friend.

His name is Daffey

Strangest Chicken I ever met.
He Thinks he is a duck

All day long

Quack, Quack, Quack


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