Sunday, January 8, 2012

This duck business is for the birds!

I has been threatened by another duck group.

Today I got a phone call from the


Demanding equal time on the ZeroBear PoloBear Blog.

My Marketing Guru

Jerome (paperpants) Kawalskii
says that we need to cooperate so today we will
devote much too much bandwidth to

rubber ducks.

Yep those guys who made the threatening call were officials
from the American Rubber Duck Association


So today's blog will be devoted to the

American Rubber Duck

I did some research and found out that
For the most part, Rubber Ducks are pretty good people

They are inclusive

They have a sense of humor

And there are a bunch of them

I figure if all of them came by tomorrow to check out
my rubber duck post I'd get about a boillion hits.

Sadly, none of them has computer access.

even though just as has been reported in the past
most of them

has their ducks in a row. 

Did you know there was a head honcho rubber duck?

He is a big shot.

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