Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Definition of Strange

I feel a group of avian terrorists have put a plot in place to
attempt to do evil things to a certain

"Who PolyBear?" you ask?

"Me PolyBear." I say.

It started with a simple question that evidently

Upset a few militant chickens.

So far It has been mostly limited to

Several thousand photos that have showed up in my
email inbox.

(all offers of money and under the table payment
for product placement in ZeroBearPolyBear Blog
spot will be cheerfully welcomed)

and a few politically charged manifestos
questioning my reasons for exercising the rights
held as sacred by journalists since
the first ancient Mess-o-tatertots-nium scribe looked up
from the late bronze age

clay cuneiform he was inscribing and asked. 

Can we have waffles for dinner tonight?


They asked Why?

And that's all I ask.

And to those Ninja Chickens

who think they can just come to my crib
and take me out I say,

"Go ahead, make my day!"

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