Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Has Hired a Marketing Consultant

The way things have been going lately
I decided that I need some marketing help promoting
the ZeroBear PolyBear name.

I looked around and was not able to find
anyone that I thought could help me out.

This lady has had her share of problems,
she did time in the big house and I have too.
She has a big name marketing presence and I wants one,
so I thought I'd take her consultants away from her.

For some reason that I can't understand they said no.

Everywhere I have gone
I have received the same response....

So I turned to the interwebs and thanks to
my good friend Mr Google I found an
up and coming young firm to help promote
the ZeroBear PolyBear name.

The up and coming I like

The young is a bit of a concern.


  1. I would certainly prefer to work with zerobear than some of the clients I have, a truly marketable lovely bear!Lol!

    get business results

  2. Many thinks Bill.

    Have you considered sending me a couple or twelve hundred thousand dollars? That might bring great joy to your life. It certainly would make my day better and might also allow me to throw Da out on his ear. Sometimes I grow weary of his continued insistance that I not practice my fireworks development experiments in the back bedroom.

    I have one that looks promising at the moment. The working project name is "big bang". You wouldn't happen to have 6,000 pounds of military grade chaff would you? I could use some of that stuff, in purple, red and green if possible.

    Back to teh monitary contribution - Cash is always preferred to my Caveman Island Numbered Bank account - see note at right close to the top fr details on teh joys of giving to ZeroBearPolyBear Enterprizes, LLP