Monday, January 30, 2012

ZeroBear Gets a Job!

I have been looking at career opportunities in our town
and I discovered we have a sad lack of Cat Barbers!
This obviously opens up an opportunity for a smart PolyBear
to make a buck, so I have started a new career
as a cat barber.

I ordered me a good book on barbering

There wasn't a lot of good haircutting information
in it, but I decided to push on regardless.

So I picked me up some barber tools on ebay

and opened a shop

complete with special offers in the window.

Here is some of my better work so far.

Sadly, not all of my work has ended in perfection.
We might as well get this out of the way and move on.

FluffyKitty had a friend that was one
of my first customers.



Do you know the difference between a bad haircut
and a good one?

About six months.

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