Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life gets complicated at times

It gets so dark

at night and

There's lots of scary things out there.

A guy just can't have too many flashlights,

but they all use Batteries

and the batteries run out of bat (duh)

at the worst times.

Da says I forget to turn them off.


I can't find Mumzie's Paypal account number.

Anybody have a spare Paypal account number
laying around, or a Visa Card I could borrow?

I have an open shopping cart over at
Batteries24/ and I need to go to checkout
before a certain Da who will remain nameless
wakes up and finds me borrowing his laptop.

The damage will only be about $456,978.27
because shipping is free this week only.

Uh Oh! He's coming down the hallway.
Gotta get off quick. Just e-mail me the Credit Card

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