Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Surprise

I was scrolling through the Olympic Options

on TV this morning and look at
what I found.

Unicycle Polo

No wait.

That wasn't the Olympics
That was from UPN -
The Unicycle Polo Network
and they aren't covering any
Olympic events this weekend.

What I found was Olympic

race car driving.

Now that's an Olympic Sport
I could do for my country.


I like going fast.


I have a nifty driver's license that
I purchased on
Only $28.93 charged to Mumzie's PayPal account.

And most of the time I am a really good driver.

I know, there was that one time

when I over-reved Da's mid-life-crisis-mobile.

and the time I confused the

gas and brake pedals while adjusting
how Da had his truck parked


since you bring it up, there was that other time

but that pole jumped in front of me at the last instant.
It was an assident. I have no idea why they
put a pole on the sidewalk.
It's one of the least crowded places
to drive (duh).

Anyhow, I'm available to help the good old USofA
Olympic race team whenever needed. Just send a
plane ticket and I'll whiz right over.

I like red cars most.

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